I do extensive research for all my workshops. Here, I list the references I think may be useful to you. Dig deeper and read some of these publications! Most, but not all, are available online.

Click on the title of the workshop to open the list.

Annuities: The Good, the Bad, and the Complicated
Credit History, Credit Score, and Identity Theft Protection

Legislation effective Sept. 21, 2018 makes credit freezes free for everyone. Unfreezing is also free.

Estate Planning Toolbox
Finding Financial Advice that’s Right for You
Getting the Most from Your Retirement Dollars
Is It the Right Time to Retire?
Reverse Mortgages
Strategies for Claiming Social Security Benefits
New legislation greatly restricts who can use two of the most popular claiming strategies. Click for details. 
Student loans
Ten Steps to a Smarter Tax Return
Ten Ways to Simplify Your Finances
Twelve Months to Take Charge of Your Finances


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Chicago Public Library Staff Training – Smart Investing @ Your Library
Chicago Public Library – CyberNavigator Training




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