Is It the Right Time to Retire?

 Attention, Ela 55+ program participants:

Monthly Spending Plan, University of Illinois Extension (

Online tracking spending and budgeting tools –

Social Security benefit calculators

To evaluate different claiming strategies:

Net worth calculators and forms.

Retirement income calculators:

SSA Publication 05-10069, How Work Affects Your Benefits (


Money Smart Week 2018 is April 21 – 28

Money Smart Week 2018 is April 21 – 28. Check the online calendar to find events near you.

MSW is led by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Classes are taught by registered partners who agree that their programs will be educational and not commercials.

How will the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017 affect you?

There are lots of moving parts to the new tax law, making it difficult to know how it will affect you beginning in 2018.  In three posts that I wrote for University of Illinois Extension’s Plan Well – Retire Well blog, I explain these changes.

  1. To see how your 2018 return will compare to your 2017, Check this head-to-head, line-by-line comparison of your 2017 and 2018 tax returns
  2. To understand how the changes will affect you, you need to know something about Tax Rates
  3. Other changes include Inflation Adjustments, IRAs, 529 Plans, ABLE Accounts, Student Loans, & Estate Tax
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